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Woods Stove Cover (Painted)

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This is perfect for any kitchen. Made of solid wood. Measurements: 30 in X 22 in 


Our stove covers are not intended for cutting or food preparation, because of the porous wood grain surface. Wood stain color may vary from piece to piece of wood and may differ from the digital swatches.

This wood board/tray is for decorative purposes only and should never be used on a hot surface. If you choose to use this to cover your stove, make sure your stove is cooled completely before using. Do not place hot pans, cookware, or any appliances on top of it. Always practice stove safety by checking that it's turned off all the way and keeping children and pets away and having child proof knobs. We are not responsible for any damage/injuries that may result from misuse of this product.

Wood stain colors may vary from wood piece to wood piece and may also differ slightly from the digital swatches.